Our Admissions Policy

We are open to new admissions – find out more about our admissions policy, and the covid-secure procedures we have in place to keep our residents safe and well.

While we still continue to live through unprecedented times, the need to provide the highest quality care for people is greater than ever. We are ready to serve our local communities and to demonstrate to them the exceptional safety and infection control measures we have in place, all within a luxury environment.

Below we have outlined the process by which we will accept new admissions into our care homes, so that we ensure we keep everyone safe and well.

  • Anyone coming into our care homes will be subject to testing pre-admission, and testing as part of the usual course thereafter, under the Government scheme
  • Only those individuals with a negative test result will be considered for admission to the home
  • Whatever the result of a test, no one will be admitted if they exhibit any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 (high temperature, new/continuous cough, loss or change to the sense of smell and taste).
  • All potential residents will be subjected to our own internal quality assurance screening, which includes evidence of a negative test, review of their history and clinical observations, confirmation they are asymptomatic and being transferred from an environment that is free of COVID-19.
  • All new residents will initially be isolated in their rooms until a 14-day period of quarantine has passed

Family visits following admission

Whilst we cannot yet allow family members to enter our care homes, our residents and families can continue to enjoy time together during our carefully controlled family visits. Each visit takes place following our stringent protocols – find out more about our controlled family visits.

Please be assured that our vigilance against the virus remains resolute. We will continue to closely monitor all residents and staff and our strict infection control protocols remain in place and will do so for the foreseeable future. Find out more about our Enhanced Infection Control Pledge, which outlines our continuing commitment to infection prevention and control, and the additional steps that we’ve taken to protect our residents.

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